An African Adventure In Cape Town

Hey everyone- it’s been a while, but I’m still here! Still feeling great about post-graduate life and getting as much travelling in as possible before it’s time to hit the big bad real world.

Megan started her new job after we returned home from our amazing trip around Europe, so I set off on this particular adventure without my usual travel buddy. This time my journey took me far away from Europe all the way down to the bottom of Africa.

One of my oldest friends, Rachel, has been studying for the past two years at the University of Cape Town. Her dad is South African so she knows the country well, and she decided to head down there to study rather than stay in the US- it’s way cheaper, and she was hoping to study wildlife conservation, so South Africa seemed like the ideal place to be.

I’ve missed her like crazy so when she got a break from college and asked if she’d like to come visit, I booked my flight straight away. This flight was no joke- all in all it took me almost 24 hours from the time I took off in Ohio to landing in Cape Town. It was an exhausting journey but totally worth it.

We spent two weeks taking in the sights of South Africa, and every minute was incredible. Cape Town itself is gorgeous; an amazing combination of mountainous scenery and beautiful beaches. We sunbathed several days away at the glamorous Clifton Beach, hiked up Table Mountain (only lazy people take the cable car) and took a road trip out of the city to visit elephants and apes at a conservation center. It was so awesome to view the wildlife so close to their natural environment, and I even had the honor of getting up close and personal with an elephant and stroking his tough hide!

I made sure to take in the more serious side of South African history and culture too. We visited the fascinating District Six Museum where I learned so much about the history of apartheid. It was tragic but definitely worth a visit.

It wasn’t all play and no work for Rachel, sadly, as she had tons of homework to get through despite it being a break! Much as I miss college, I definitely don’t miss those deadlines. We just couldn’t leave enough time in the day for her to get all her papers finished and see all the sights that she wanted to show me, so I let her in on my little college secret- Thanks to Essay Jedi she managed to get everything completed in time, so we were free to have fun.

Two weeks really wasn’t enough time to see everything I wanted to- I didn’t get to venture much outside of Cape Town, which I would love to have done. There’s so much to see and do, but sadly I was short on time. Another visit to South Africa is now high up on my list of future travel goals!

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