Athens, Greece

When I was at college, my friends and I used to love to have “game nights”; evenings where we’d order pizzas and spend hours playing our favorite childhood board games. I’ve finally found a coffee shop in Europe that allows Megan and I to get back into the board game spirit- Playce in Athens, where you can choose from tons of games while enjoying your coffee. Although we stumbled across this place by accident, we’re having one of the most fun coffee breaks of our trip!

The level of history and culture that we’ve seen in Athens has been unlike anywhere else on our travels. It’s said that Athens was first settled sometime around 3000 BC, just to give you a sense of how ancient this city is! The classical ruins here are incredible to see, and we’ve had the best time exploring it all.

The ancient citadel of Athens, the Acropolis, was our first stop. The Acropolis is made up of various different temples and building ruins. We stayed there for quite a while admiring the views of the city and exploring the ruins. The huge Parthenon, the temple to the goddess Athena, was Megan’ favorite, but like the true drama geek I am I preferred the remains of the Theatre of Dionysus.

The one complaint we’ve had about Athens has been the heat, but I guess that serves us right for planning our trip through summer! We decided to take advantage of the weather by heading to the beach and doing some tanning, so we hopped on a bus that took us just south of Athens to the coast. The beach was gorgeous and the water was super warm, so we had a perfect day playing in the waves and getting nice and tanned.

So all in all Athens has been lots of fun! I’d definitely love to visit here again, although maybe in slightly cooler conditions! Now back to our Scrabble game. Tomorrow we leave for Rome!

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