Berlin, Germany – Part 2!

We’re just finished up our week in Berlin, and I wanted to quickly update before we head onward to share all about the amazing time we’ve had here.

I’m writing from a lovely little café called West Berlin which is right near the Checkpoint Charlie museum. This city is full of great coffee shops and cafes, although everyone seems so trendy it’s a little intimidating!

The second half our week here has been super fun. We’ve done some more sightseeing and touristy stuff- we went to the area called Museumsinsel and visited the Pergamon Museum where we saw some fascinating ancient art.

By our second to last day we felt like doing something a little different rather than visiting more museums. Megan and I both love animals and visiting zoos, and we had heard from others at the hostel and read in our tourist guides that the old Berlin Zoo here is worth a visit, so we went to check that out. The Berlin Zoo is the oldest zoo in Germany, has the biggest variety of species of any zoo in the world. We saw some really beautiful animals.

Right next to the zoo is the Aquarium Berlin, so we stopped in there to have a look at some aquatic life. All in all it was a wonderful day; we were both feeling a little homesick so I think we needed to do something really uplifting like seeing some animals rather than walking around more museums, interesting as they are.

Last night we went out for dinner and drinks (beer of course!) with some other travelling Americans from our hostel. That was really fun, and it was nice to hear some familiar accents and hear all about their adventures in Europe. Their stories made us even more excited to visit the rest of the countries on our trip!

Our next stop is Prague!

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