We’ve arrived in Berlin, one of our week long stops in Europe and so far it’s awesome. This is a big, fascinating city and we’ve been kept insanely busy so far.

I’m taking a quick rest at the moment at a café called The Barn, where I’m appreciating a great flat white. All the staff here speak English which is a real relief, it’s been a little confusing here at times as neither of us speak a word of German. We have to ask the staff at the hostel for tons of directions and information every morning before we set out so that we don’t get completely lost and miss out on everything!

One of our first stops was the Berlin Wall Memorial right in the middle of the city, which was really interesting. After that we headed to the Deutsches Historisches Museum to learn some German history; both of us were embarrassed by how little we knew!

It seemed wrong to visit Germany without doing some sightseeing specific to World War 2 and Nazism, so we paid a visit to a museum made up of old prison cells called the Topography of Terror. For the Jewish perspective we visited the New Synagogue, which was a fascinating and beautiful building that had been badly damaged on Kristallnacht.

One of the most striking things about Europe so far has been the amount of beautiful ancient churches that you find in each city. I never thought I’d be especially interested in visiting churches but some of them really are awesome. The Berliner Dom was huge; we climbed to the top of its tower and took some pictures of the city from a birds-eye view.

Berlin is certainly keeping us busy! We’ve been eating mostly on the move and doing tons of walking and attempting to figure out the public transport so that we can cram in as much sightseeing as possible. We’re halfway through our week here already and there’s still so much to take in!

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