Budapest, Hungary

Hello from Budapest! Now this is a place that knows how to do coffee houses. The cafes here have the most stunning interiors, full of chandeliers and ornate decorations and rich with history. I’m writing this update from Gerbeaud, which has to be one of the most beautiful cafes I’ve ever seen. The prices are a little higher than I’ve come to expect from my coffee around Europe, but the decadent cakes make it all worthwhile!

Budapest has been loads of fun. It’s far bigger than I imagined it would be, and way prettier too. The city is divided into two separate areas by the Danube river, and has tons of lovely views and beautiful bridges.

A real highlight for me was the Central Market Hall, a huge market filled with the most amazing variety of local Hungarian foods that covers 3 floors of a beautiful 19th century building. The market has such a buzzing atmosphere and we picked up lots of interesting snacks to taste.

Although we couldn’t afford to go inside and see a concert, we went to take a look at the famous State Opera House yesterday, which was really incredible; I’d love to be able to get dressed up and see some opera there someday if I ever make it back to Hungary.

We also took a walk to the City Park, or Városliget, where we visited the Museum of Fine Arts and the famous Millenium Monument in Heroes Square. The museum had artwork that stretched all the way back to antiquity and forward to the present day. I can’t believe how much stunning art we’ve seen on this trip so far, I feel truly blessed.

We figured we couldn’t leave Budapest without going to one of the city’s famous thermal baths, so we treated ourselves to a bath on our last day here. We decided to go with the biggest medicinal bathing house in Europe- Széchenyi bath. There were several huge baths to choose from situated within the most amazing architecture. We alternated between the hot medicinal pools and saunas and the cooler swimming pools. It was so much fun, definitely a must-do experience for anyone visiting Budapest.

Tomorrowe we move on to one of my most anticipated stops on our journey- Athens! See you there!

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