My Travels Through Valencia

If any of my readers are looking to visit a beautiful region of Spain with miles of beaches and endless summer fun, I highly recommend you visit Benidorm. I just got back from one of the best vacations I’ve had in years- I wish I could have stayed for months, but sadly we had to return home to get back to the dreary real world.

Benidorm is an amazing, family friendly resort town located on the Costa Blanca region of Spain. My parents had visited a few times but I never had the chance to come along until this summer, and I can’t believe I wasted all these years visiting beaches in the US when somewhere this awesome exists. It’s a stunning region filled with sunshine, pale white sand and a perfect combination of urban cosmopolitan fun and laid back relaxation. Benidorm’s motto is “We are Holidays”, and it’s easy to see why- this town is the ultimate vacation destination.

Benidorm is definitely my favorite spot in the wider Region of Valencia – I travelled all around the area exploring what the Spanish coast had to offer, and there are tons of beautiful sights to see, but none as fun and exciting as Benidorm.

If you do have the time though, be sure to broaden your horizons and don’t limit yourself to the resort. I was tempted to stretch out on my deckchair and spend my whole vacation sunbathing, but I pushed myself to get out and see the sights, and I’m so glad I did. You all know how much I love art and history, and there was plenty of it on offer in Valencia and even in Benidorm itself.

I travelled slightly inland to visit the historic Moorish town of Elche, where I had a wonderful relaxing afternoon taking in the beautiful Palm Tree Grove and admiring the Baroque architecture. I also loved the fascinating little towns around Castellón, where I ate some delicious local cuisine and had some quiet time on one of the peaceful, unspoiled beaches along the coast.

Aside from the awesome nights out in some of the crazy clubs that come alive after dark in Benidorm, I spent my days visiting the intricate alleyways of the Benidorm Old Town and admiring the spectacular views from the San Jaime Church. Don’t worry- I made sure to get my art fix at the House Museum, a lovely little contemporary art museum in the town.

Culture aside, my time in Benidorm and Valencia was all about having fun. My friends and I danced the night away, went water skiing and diving in the crystal blue Mediterranean and, of course, I got a killer tan.

I’ll be skipping the beaches of Miami next year and heading straight back to Spain- this amazing resort is too good not to visit on an annual basis!

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