Hello from Prague! I’m blogging today from the art deco coffee house, Café Slavia. Apparently anti-communist activists used to sit in this very coffee house to talk and scheme. I’m enjoying a latte and hoping I can keep hold of the wi-fi connection long enough to fill you in on our Prague adventures.

Prague is absolutely beautiful; it looks straight out of a medieval fairy tale and has a really exciting, vibrant atmosphere. If you’re ever planning a visit to Europe, definitely don’t neglect Prague. The architecture is fascinating, most of the sightseeing is within walking distance and, particularly important for us younger travellers, the food, drink and museums are all pretty cheap.

Our first stop in Prague was the stunning castle that overlooks the city. Prague Castle is the biggest medieval castle in the whole of Europe, and one of the most historic- it was founded in 870 AD. We wandered around the various courtyards and museums within the castle grounds and saw some amazing views of the city.

We moved on from the castle to take a look at some art. The Czech National Gallery is made up of a bunch of different galleries in separate buildings. We chose to look at some Baroque art at the Schwarzenberg palace and some Czech cubism at House of the Black Madonna in Old Town. It would have been nice to have seen the rest of the galleries but we don’t have much time here so we had to be selective!

After admiring the Czech cubist art, we strolled around the Old Town to take in its historic beauty, and saw some very interesting medieval churches and gothic architecture.

It’s a shame that we could only spend a few days here in Prague, but I’m so glad we made the stop. We’ve met some really interesting, fun fellow travellers in our hostel and have seen some amazing sights.

Tomorrow we leave for Poland, where we’re going to do some slightly more sombre sightseeing and hopefully broaden our horizons even further!

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